Wireless & Distributed Antenna Systems

Have you ever experienced the frustration of attempting to make a phone call or sending a text while in a building and when you look at your phone no service is available? You are not alone.

Dramatic increases in the reliance on wireless voice, data and text and the resulting strain on networks, can make it increasingly difficult to get a signal inside a building. Typical materials used in building construction such as Low-E glass, can also inhibit wireless carrier signals from entering the interior of the building.

In addition to causing inconvenience, not having adequate signal in a building may also hamper an effort to make a call to 911 in an emergency. This is a primary reason having a distributed antenna system to relay the signal into the building is required in over 150 local municipalities across the United States.

Wireless & Distributed Antenna Systems

If your business is feeling the drain of unreliable wireless coverage, a distributed antenna system (DAS) can help get your employees and customers connected. Distributed wireless networks eliminate dead spots for cell phones and other mobile devices by picking up and repeating signals throughout office buildings, warehouses and other structures. In today’s increasingly mobile world, they are a critical technology for businesses who want to provide clients and employees with seamless voice and data communication wherever they are.

Gettle delivers comprehensive distributed wireless network contractor services from site evaluation and system planning to installation and maintenance. Our industry-certified team has worked with businesses of all sizes and has extensive experience interfacing with wireless carriers to ensure seamless, reliable access. We maintain relationships with top industry providers and utilize the latest in-building wireless technology to deliver solutions customized to each client we serve.

Connect with Gettle to setup a coverage needs analysis with one of our engineers. Our systems work with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and other carriers in your area providing, but not limited to, 3G, 4G and LTE services.