Sound Masking

Sound masking technology distributes digitally-created sound through a building or office space. By optimizing acoustics, sound masking systems can contribute to improvements in efficiency and productivity by decreasing distracting noises and increasing privacy.

Gettle delivers comprehensive sound masking systems for offices and other commercial and industrial spaces that include total support from system planning and design through installation and maintenance.   Our RCDD and BICSI-certified technicians provide expert insights and our multi-service capabilities as an electrical solutions provider ensure we can quickly and efficiently address any electrical needs throughout the project.

Sound Masking

Our datacom experts share key benefits of sound masking systems for offices below:

Better Use of Office Space
Open office floor plans are great for team collaboration and efficient communication. However, while these floor plans make great use of office space, they can lead to employees feeling ‘too close’ together. Sound masking can significantly decrease noise, meaning office spaces placed side-by-side in an open floor plan will sound as if they are farther apart.

Less Distraction
Because sound masking provides background noise, conversations and other sounds made elsewhere in the office become more distant. This leads to less distraction and allows employees to better focus on their work. The less internal noise they hear, the less likely they are to be even subconsciously distracted.

More Privacy
Due to employees being less able to hear others’ conversations (again, thanks to sound masking), everyone is provided with more privacy. Whether it’s an internal conversation, a meeting or a phone call, the staff gains more privacy as their conversations sound quieter to others.

Less Stress
The work environment benefits from an overall decreased stress level. Employees are able to better focus on their work when there’s background noise fading out common distractions. Less worry about others, less fear of others overhearing confidential discussions, and the feeling of having more privacy … can mean less stress on your employees.

More Productivity
When you put the pieces of the puzzle together, sound masking can add up to better concentration and more productivity for your team. Ultimately, more productivity on their end means increased efficiency.

If your business is interested in learning more about sound masking, Gettle’s team of data communication experts can help. With experience on large and small projects across the commercial, industrial, education, healthcare and government industries, our team of system designers, engineers and datacom technicians are experts in this area and will work with you to provide a strategic plan customized to best suit the needs of your office environment. Contact us for additional information.